How They're Built

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There are any number of cigar box makers out there…good ones and bad ones. A $100 guitar sounds like a $100 dollar guitar. At Bonz Box’s, Bruce (owner) strives to build the best hand-built cigar box out there!

Paint Job

All painting is done by hand with a focus on skulls, but custom options are also available (check out the red rose one in the gallery).


Many pickups sound “ok” and most are made in China. However, we use a American-made mini flat humbucker in some of the guitars – but never one made in China.

Bruce hand-makes 3 string pickups with 8,000 turns and matched magnets being the standard. The pickup is fully shielded, hot beeswax soaked and set into a 2 part polyurethane color matched molds. They are fully sealed.

Markers and Covers

The guitar’s markers and covers are hand-made and the color is matched to our customers’ wishes.

Neck Design

Neck design made of A Red oak composite. The gain is always run opposite of each other. This makes a strong neck that doesn’t warp.

Others may use a standard neck for their boxes, but we hand-build each neck to the box as well as the fretboard. The fretboard is made to each neck and hand shaped.


Built with silver/tin alloy or Brass old school frets.

Fender Pots

Our standard is a 25.5″ scale which gives more notes for the buck. These are built to the customer’s wishes and are wired for the sound they are looking for. From a single pickup to 5 pickups wired for a total of 24 different sounds.

Some may say this is a bit overboard…but we say it wails!

If you want a standard cigar box, Bruce can make it…but why settle for average?

All Bonz Box’s can be built to your needs. If it’s something different then Bonz Box’s has you covered!

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